Entry #4

Feel like helping someone out today?

2017-02-06 13:52:32 by GalaxyCosmos

Hey guyz! Galaxy here, just dropping by to tell y'all something new! 
I will be making albums of Undiscovered songs for you gus to check out. I know I am still undiscovered, but I like to hear all kinds of songs! So, if you are an undiscovered artist, you can send me a message requesting I put one of your songs into an album! Or if you are already discovered, and have lots of songs already, you can check these out and help others break through! :) 



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2017-02-06 14:32:51

I guess I somewhat undiscovered, so here's something of mine. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/719870
I honestly don't know if this will even qualify. :\

GalaxyCosmos responds:

Thank you for the request. I enjoyed your song :)


2017-02-06 14:33:26

I'm no musician, though i think that's a pretty nice idea, so good luck!

GalaxyCosmos responds:

Thank you!