Feel like helping someone out today?

2017-02-06 13:52:32 by GalaxyCosmos

Hey guyz! Galaxy here, just dropping by to tell y'all something new! 
I will be making albums of Undiscovered songs for you gus to check out. I know I am still undiscovered, but I like to hear all kinds of songs! So, if you are an undiscovered artist, you can send me a message requesting I put one of your songs into an album! Or if you are already discovered, and have lots of songs already, you can check these out and help others break through! :) 



2017-02-04 14:09:44 by GalaxyCosmos

Well... I have been trying to create more music.... and I have had no luck. If you guys would be ever so helpful and help me by sharing some idea's? You don't have to. J/W

Pixel Day!!! 2017.

2017-01-21 13:29:13 by GalaxyCosmos

Hello everyone, and happy Pixel day!!! This is the first Pixle day for me so IDK what it is ecxactly. Also this is the year Trump is president. So Congradulations Mr. Trump! Also I tried to chance my pic on my profile to pixelated pics, but they kept originatig back to my first OC pics. So Happy Pixel day everybody!!!

Nice to meet you!

2017-01-16 11:17:09 by GalaxyCosmos

Welcome note: Hello, i'm GalaxyCosmos. So nice to meet you. I hope your having a good day! I know I am :) 

A little about me: I am 12 years old an I love to make music. I have been making music since I was 7. When I foun dout that NewGrounds had a music upload, I was too excited! I hope you will enjoy my creations I upload in the future. :) Have a wonderful day here at NewGrounds! Hope I see you guys soon! Bye for now. :)